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In national elections 23Jan06, the governing Liberal Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Paul Martin, was decisively defeated by the opposition Conservative Party.

The win represented the first time in 12 years that a Canadian right-wing party has taken the reigns of power from the long-governing Liberals.

Some pro-family and pro-life advocates hope the change will positively effect Canada’s representation at the UN which has been notoriously hostile to their issues.

Stephen Harper [member of the House of Commons from Alberta, Leader of the Official Opposition in the House] led the Conservatives to a win, picking up almost 30 seats and bringing the total number of Conservative members to 124.

Harper will now go through a transition process that will last only a couple of weeks, at the end of which he will be made the Prime Minister of Canada.

The pro-abortion Liberal Party lost more than 30 seats in the House leaving them with 103 members, and now becomes the Official Opposition. Martin announced he would resign as head of the Liberal Party following his defeat.

Over the past 12 years, the Liberal Party’s choices for Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations and for membership in delegations to U.N. conferences have advanced the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and pro-prostitution agenda.

Wendy Wright [Exec VP, Concerned Women for America] said that the Canadian Liberal Government’s foreign social policy “has been in the forefront” in supporting the “most radical policies” that are considered at the UN.

Wright points out that these are “policies that do not even conform to Canadian” legal standards such as a Canadian delegation’s recent opposition to anti-prostitution language being put into drafts of proposed UN treaties.

While the Conservative Party does include within its ranks some members who support abortion rights, it is overwhelmingly either pro-life or at least skeptical of the culture of abortion and willing to restrict the procedure.

Also, the Conservatives support national sovereignty and oppose attempts by the United Nations to impose abortion rights on other nations.

The normal procedure for a new Canadian gov’t will be to now recall Liberal Ambassador to the UN, Allan Rock, and to replace him with a member of the Conservative Party.

A small, radically pro-abortion party, the New Democrats picked up a few seats to reach 29 members of the House.

[Friday Fax, 27Jan06]