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Have you seen the "Coexist" bumper stickers?

It sounds like that means we should all get along and support each other, doesn't it?

Why can't we support the woman AND her child?

If the woman must treat her child as the ENEMY, then how can we all COEXIST?

What about the 4000 babies who are aborted every day in the USA, and the 35,000 babies — almost all female babies — aborted every day in China?

Why can't THEY coexist?

Why can WE coexist but THEY cannot?

What are the criteria to be able to coexist?

Do the criteria ever change, or are the criteria different in different places?

Who determines the criteria?

Who appoints THEM to determine these criteria?

Wouldn't it just be simpler and more peaceful if ALL OF US could just COEXIST?