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In the 1960s only about 8% of marriages were preceded with cohabitation.

Today, over 50% of marriages are preceded by a period of cohabitation.

Many couples gradually slide into this decision because they do not know the truth about living together before marriage.

Rather, they believe a myriad of myths.

Myth #1: They believe cohabitation will save them money in the long run. When in reality, the average income for cohabitating couples is significantly lower than married couples.

Myth #2: They believe that they will have better sex if they “test it out” before marriage.

However, individuals who have sex before marriage report lower levels of sexual satisfaction than those who abstained until marriage.

Myth #3: They believe getting used to living together beforehand is a guarantee for a good marriage.

Factually speaking, 40% of live-in couples never even get married. And the sad reality is that people who live together before marrying divorce at about twice the rate of couples who do not. The negative consequences of cohabitation are real and evident and the “positives” are nothing more than myths.

[19 Nov 2015, Abstinence Clearinghouse email newsletter,]