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…at Politically Correct Campuses

The solution to the extreme psychic distress suffered by so many college women, is not the commonly prescribed anti-depressants Zoloft or Paxil, but sexual continence and religious faith, says a college psychiatrist in her recently published anonymous memoir.

In “Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student,” “Dr. Anonymous” wrote that the endemic problems mystifying educators and health professionals, are caused by the politically correct approval of rampant sexual promiscuity that characterizes college life.

The book was released in 12/06 by Sentinel, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Young women in college in the US and Canada suffer from an epidemic of depression, eating disorders and even self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Campus health professionals, steeped in the politically correct doctrines of sexual “freedom” and feminist theory, fail even to acknowledge the existence of the real cause.

Dr. Anonymous, who chose to keep her identity secret out of fear of professional reprisal, identifies the damage done to women by the feminist ideology that proposes women are psychologically identical to men and encourages sexual promiscuity – as long as it is made “safe” with a condom.

She told Dr. Warren Throckmorton in an interview that she “feels very much at risk.”

“I'm discussing a taboo topic here: the dangers of radical social agendas in my profession… Campus counselling centers are whitewashing the painful consequences of casual sex, STDs and abortion. They are promoting the notion that men and women are the same.”

“They are not educating young people about future and family. In these issues, so central to campus health and counselling, we are failing our young people.”

Counsellors at college health centres focus on sexual orientation, molestation, cigarettes and caffeine. Campus doctors pester students about smoking, diet, and wearing sunscreen, but do nothing to stop sexual promiscuity and say little about the dangers of sexually transmitted infections. Abortion is treated only as a women’s rights issue and is rarely regarded as a psychological health risk.

Dr. Anonymous writes that the psychological field is still dominated by an irrational prejudice against religious faith that she calls “Theophobia,” that thwarts efforts to relieve women’s suffering.

Author Danielle Crittenden, a Canadian transplant to the US and wife of well-known political columnist David Frum, wrote for the Wall Street Journal that it is a shame the author chose to remain anonymous.

Calling the book “vivid and urgent” Crittenden writes that on campus, some women’s choices are still harshly judged. Dr. Anonymous “fears that if her employers and colleagues heard her unwelcome views, they would judge her negatively–and punish her, personally and professionally. The anonymity, however understandable, is a shame: Her cause could use a visible and vocal crusader.”

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