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Commentary: AZRTL Conference in September 2010 Opened My Eyes to Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Commentary: AZRTL Conference in September 2010 Opened My Eyes

I attended the Arizona Right To Life annual education conference in Scottsdale on Saturday, and this year's speakers were as excellent as last year's. There were 9 choices of lectures to attend in the 3 tracks and 3 segments before lunch.

My lecture choices were:

Mark Crutcher, the producer of the DVD Maafa 21, who makes a convincing case for a link between slavery and abortion. Mark asked if anyone disagreed after watching the DVD, and no one could – if you would like to see it, there will be a free copy on the pro-life table in my parish, or send me your address and I will mail you a copy.

There is a 2009 quote from lifetime judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the newer version, which is considered to be the smoking gun for the argument.

It happened in a NY Times interview last year where Judge Ginsberg says, "Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of."


Then I attended two lectures of Dr. Angela Lanfranchi of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, talking about the abortion/breast cancer link and the Susan B. Komen and Planned Parenthood link (She changed her lecture to only the abortion/breast cancer link that day, but did include these comments about Susan B. Komen and Planned Parenthood: they fund planned parenthood, one of the board members of Susan B. Komen was on the board of Planned Parenthood just a few years ago, PP denies the abortion/breast cancer link so they are not researching it.)

See the denial of the abortion/breast cancer link on the Susan B. Komen site here:
Up until now, I did not know anything about  the abortion/breast cancer link.

This lecture held my attention so intensely that I hardly noticed the seamless transition between lectures 2 & 3 (she was scheduled to repeat) and decided to stay and hear it all. The rollover to the beginning of the information didn't happen until there was only about 5 or 10 minutes left at the end of session 3.

At one point, she said it doesn't necessarily mean that someone's going to actually get cancer so don't let your head explode, but she said very seriously, 'You are not going to hear this from the American Cancer Society or any other medical association in the US because they do not want to get caught up in the abortion debate. That is why I present. The data is coming in from across the world, and there have been papers here in the US in the last decades, so pretty soon the US will have to report on the abortion/breast cancer link. They already know about the premature delivery breast cancer link so it necessarily is the same for the induced abortion, because the breast is in the exact same biological state.'

When I saw the power point presentation, which included biology diagrams, and read/heard Dr. Lanfranchi's explanation, I was surprised.

The powerpoint, lifted in part from the glossy yellow brochure, Reproductive Breast Cancer Risks and Breast Lobule Maturation, found on her web site, and which she handed out, contained information that, at birth, a small amount of breast tissue lays dormant.

At puberty, Type 1 and Type 2 lobules are formed in the breast. After puberty, 75% are Type 1 and 25% are type 2. She stated that, " "The susceptability window' the period between puberty and a full term pregnancy, is the time the breast is most susceptable to forming cancer, ie. when the woman's breast is composed primarily of Type 1 and Type 2 lobules."

She went on to say that if a woman does not go past 32 weeks of pregnancy, the natural cancer protection she has from the process of the pregnancy is removed in the middle of a rapidly replicating breast, and the breast is left with Type 1 and Type II nodules (recpetivity) forever. These are ready to replicate DNA with any carcinogenic trigger from estrogen, for example.

The woman is susceptable to cancer especially if she does not have a full term pregnancy within 5 years of the abortion, or miscarrage/early pregnancy.

It takes 8-10 years for the cancer to show up, and a woman who has this history should be screened yearly and screened early. 

It is an especially agressive form of cancer that Lanfranchi is seeing in her practice in 20 and 30 year olds, and older.

Lanfranchi said the double whammy is when the abortion facility does the abortion on the young women and then suggests they take the carcinogenic contraceptive pills, in the worst case scenario, because she then has a tremendously increased chance of getting cancer with something like 600% because of the breast Type I and Type II receptivity/replication state. But the chance of getting cancer also increases 10% with each week of pregnancy before the induced abortion (medical or surgical).

The brochure, and a more detailed booklet, are available to be printed free at Dr. Lanfranchi's web site.

You can also order the glossy brochure and booklet and also a DVD at the website for your facility or prolife table if you want here:

Now I'm not a biology major, but this was interesting stuff. I quickly saw how many people are affected.Those of you who are already familiar with this topic because you have researched it on your own, or who work within a Pregnancy Center, already know about this.

Dr. Lanfranchi mentioned that a poll was done by calling a number of Pregnancy Centers and asking the question "I'm pregnant, what can you tell me?" and getting responses from well over half of the "Abortion/cancer link" among other information. This poll has resulted in plans to try to stop this information being offered, through petitions, I believe is what she said.

In summary, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi performs 50% of the breast surgeries in New Jersey, and she saw a huge spike in young women in their 20's and 30's getting breast cancer, and she decided to look into it.

She learned that the US Cancer Society and other US agencies want to steer clear of the abortion debate.

She decided she wanted to help get the word out.

She and another doctor have the website, brochures & booklet, DVD, professional journal papers, and her lecture circuit, with the most recent invitation coming from China to come speak over there, even though they have the one child policy.

She was referring to her peers when speaking about the reporting,

and was politically correct and respectful, but also clear in her words and powerpoint about the link between induced abortion and cancer.

She said she can see it on biology slides for herself right in her own practice with her own patients.

She also mentioned that you can go to the Cancer Society and read misleadingly worded information about  how estrogen, a potential cancer causing agent goes down during pregnancy.

She said, Now everyone knows that estrogen goes up during pregnancy, so what are they thinking putting that on there?
She said she asked them but has not gotten a straightforward response.

I think I found that reference here:


"Pregnancy causes many hormone changes in the body. For one thing, pregnancy stops the monthly menstrual cycles and shifts the hormone balance toward progesterone rather than estrogen." – American Cancer Society

She also pointed out that the American Cancer Society is denying the abortion/cancer link.

That's here:

"Induced abortion – Several studies have provided very strong data that neither induced abortions nor spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) have an overall effect on the risk of breast cancer. For more detailed information, see our document, Is Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer?" – American Cancer Society

She also mentioned how the New York Times owned apparently shut down a conversation in January of this year about this topic when one of their moderators said she was interested in the research:

One exception Dr. Angela Lanfranchi kept mentioning was spontaneous abortion which is losing the child in the 1st 11 weeks naturally, which happens in nearly 23% of pregnancies and that that was not a risk (see the brochure for why).

So no warning about the risk of cancer is being given to these young women.

Dr. Lanfranchi said if they ever heard of the high risk, they would say no to the abortion, because no one wants breast cancer – it's that high of a risk – see the brochure/booklet.

She also said we knew the cigarette cancer risk in 1923 but didn't have warning until decades later, and this was much the same thing going on, and she is seeing the cancer rate in her practice in a lot of women right now.

If you have a chance to hear Dr. Angela Lanfranchi  I would highly recommend it. If you know anyone who lives in New Jersey, they can probably go and speak to her themselves.

I hope you are excited about the free booklet with the biology diagrams and clear explanation of all this as I am.  What a gift to be able to share!
[September 23, 2010, D.H.]