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Here is a simple Way to Help you and your date stick to Abstinence while you are dating. Just print out this commitment form, make the commitment, sign it, and keep it with you on all your dates!

After carefully considering all the consequences of premarital sexual activity, we have decided that sexual abstinence until marriage is the best choice for us. We base this decision on the following:

  • We want to wait to have sex in our trust-filled marriage with our one and only life-long spouse.
  • We are not ready to be parents.
  • We do not want to risk getting one or more sexually transmitted diseases, such as Herpes, HPV, or HIV. We want to be 100% sure that we will not get any STDs from sexual activity.
  • We do not want to risk the emotional and physical dangers of premarital sexual activity.
  • We want to enjoy all the positive, healthy benefits of sexual abstinence now and till we marry each other or others.

_____________________________Signature ________Date

_____________________________Signature ________Date

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