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Here’s a simple Way to help you Abstain until you find your life-long Love and form that Permanent, Healthy, and Committed-to-each-other-in-Marriage Relationship…

I have carefully considered all the consequences of premarital sexual activity and the gains of sexual abstinence. I choose abstinence until marriage as the best choice for me and for my future. I have made this decision because:

  • I want to wait to have sex in a trust-filled marriage with my life-long spouse
  • I am not ready to be a parent
  • I do not want to risk getting a sexually transmitted disease, such as Herpes or HIV. I want to be 100% sure that I won’t get any STDs from sexual activity.
  • I do not want the emotional or physical risks of casual or serial sex.
  • I want to enjoy all of the positive, life-enhancing benefits that sexual abstinence until marriage has to offer.

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True Love is Worth the Wait

Be Pure to Be Sure

Avoid the Pain…Abstain!