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Life is a terminal event; it is shorter for some than others.

If we do not want our children to suffer, then we should abort all of them.

If we do not want a child to be a burden, then we should abort all of them.

For how many of us were not burdens on our parents and how many of us have not suffered in our lifetime?  — P.M., M.D.




Is this life worth living?

Mother has TB & Father has syphilis.

Their first child was born blind;

the second child died; the third child is deaf and dumb; the 4th child had TB.

What should be done with the 5th pregnancy?
This child was allowed to be born. He was Beethoven.

Dear Concerned Parent,

It is important to consider that 20 weeks is late in pregnancy. Second trimester abortions have a higher complication rate for the mother than do first trimester abortions. Also, babies of 20 weeks gestation are known to survive and are therefore "viable".

Whatever this baby may lack in physical ability, he/she may more than make up for in intellectual, emotional or spiritual abilities. Discuss your preborn child’s condition with doctors who actually and regularly treat patients with this disorder. They will have the most up-to-date information about breakthroughs and treatment.

Seek out support groups for parents of children with this condition and seek out adults living with this disorder. There is probably a national organization that could provide you with support and information regarding your preborn child’s condition (examples include the American Diabetes Association, Easter Seals, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society).

If you lack the financial, social, physical or emotional resources to raise a child with this disorder, please consider the unselfish and loving choice of placing your baby for adoption. Annually, there are approximately 2 million couples in the USA seeking to adopt a child who have already completed the adoption application process. If you are religious, seek advice from your religious literature (example- for the Christian, the Holy Bible) and from your spiritual director/guide (example- priest, minister, rabbi), and pray for the wisdom and the courage to give life to the "gift" you hold…  — A.B., M.D.


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