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In a posted piece on Human Events Online, an annual top ten list of the most wasteful government programs was given.

Ranked number 5 was the federal funding of contraceptive distribution programs in so-called “family-planning” clinics, like Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to a 1977 Supreme Court decision, businesses like Planned Parenthood can give contraception paid for with federal funds to minors under 16 years old without parental consent.

38 public policy experts and scholars, including Dick Armey, Charles Baird, Allan Carlson, Michelle Easton, and more nominated and selected the list of disappointing federal programs for this year’s 4th annual report.

[Human Events Online, “The Ten Most Harmful Government Programs,” 04/10/06,; Abstinence Clearinghouse E-Mail Update



Ed.: Here is another reason to distrust comprehensive sex education programs and everything associated with them.

This is a 2001 article, and already there were 1135 School Based 'Clinics' in our public schools. These are often channels for promoting sex among teens and 'tweens', and for abortion referrals, when contraception "fails" and pregnancy results… and then, of course, there is the pesky problem of sexually transmitted diseases that seem to pop up much too often when anyone, much less teens, gets involved in risky sexual activity


According to a 1998-99 survey conducted by the National Assembly of School-Based Health Care (NASBHC), currently 1135 “clinics” operate in schools, an increase from only 200 in 1989. 63% are in urban areas, 26% in rural areas, and only 11% in suburban areas. Of these, 33% are found in elementary schools, 38% in high schools, and 16% in middle schools.
Most SBCs promote condoms to students as their primary solution. Yet, “equipping [teens] with faulty devices to continue destructive behavior only exacerbates the problem”. SBCs also “undermine parental authority,” added Dr. John Diggs, medical consultant for the National Abstinence Clearinghouse and a member of the Physicians’ Consortium. “Parents don’t realize the full scope of what is available, [which includes] abortion referrals.” Dr. Diggs noted SBCs encourage sexual activity, giving youth a false sense of protection.
“While ‘SBC’ merely spells ‘trouble’, ‘ABSTINENCE’ from all sexual activities until marriage spells ‘a better future for our nation’s youth’.”
For more information, contact Dr. Ravenel, 336-882-4171.
[Catherina Hurlburt, Tanya L. Green, CWA Family voice, Mar/Apr01]