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I read in the paper that the owner of an abortion mill said he was really concerned about the new law that will raise the standard of care to protect women's health and safety.

This owner said it would cost too much for him to fix his building to comply with the safety standards required by the bill.

Ohhh… that is so sad…

Can you imagine any other type of business that makes $1+ Million/year whining that they cannot afford to make upgrades or required health/fire remodeling??

Would anyone care? 

If they cannot make the changes required, they don’t need to be in business!!

Any FOR-PROFIT business can afford changes… isn’t that the POINT of being a for-profit business – to make a profit that goes back into the business to keep building it???  …?

I guess these abortion industrialists never took Business 101…

Besides that, these Darwinists want ‘survival of the fittest’ for everyone except themselves…