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into your relationship!


Try some innovative dates and find out what your friend is really like!




CHASED – but Chaste



This is only a sampling of dating ideas; you will come up with other ideas and soon you'll be the envy of other couples because they will see your genuine enjoyment! Invite other couples to join you; it usually means more fun!

(If you have your own great date ideas, please let us add them to our list.)



Learn to love with WORDS, not sex.


  • Plan a gourmet pizza cookoff

  • Visit garage sales and flea markets

  • Go to a museum, art gallery, or art supply store

  • Pack a picnic lunch and go to the zoo or to the park (take your cameras)

  • Group date!

  • Bake cookies together

  • Go to a concert; if tickets are too expensive, take lawn chairs and sit outside

  • Go on an afternoon round-trip train ride and spend the time talking about your futures

  • Go roller skating (or ice-skating)

  • Go to the library, possibly to research your family trees, or check out books on geology, history, birds, or plants. Then go to a park, historical museum, or nature center to test your knowledge about these things

  • Go to the children's section of the library and read stories while sitting in the small chairs; try to find some books you remember from your childhood 

  • View old movies/videos at the library

  • Watch old cowboy & Indian movies, and other oldies; talk about what you enjoyed most in the movies

  • Find old magazines and newspapers at the library; look for your birthday dates and read what was going on that day 

  • Go bowling

  • Go to an archery range and practice
    with bow and arrows

  • Go golfing at a range or to a miniature golf course

  • Go to a batting cage

  • Make a special or funny video

  • Go fishing, birdwatching, sailing, or canoeing; invite others to go, too!

  • Go to area sports events

  • Go to "Little league" events, even if you don't know the kids; it can be quite entertaining

  • Play tennis, badminton, croquet, darts, handball, ping pong, tiddlywinks, or Frisbee; go swimming, snorkeling, hiking, or jogging; try horseback riding, fencing, or jumping rope 

  • Go fishing

  • Volunteer to coach a midget soccer/basketball/football/T-ball team together

  • Take ballroom dance lessons together

  • Climb on the flat part of the roof to watch the sun set (pack a picnic lunch)

  • Get up early and meet to watch the sun rise

  • Have an early breakfast date instead of a dinner date

  • People-watch at airports, bus stations, malls, and college campuses; try to guess where they come from, occupations, the type of car/pet they own. When you're done, go eat ice cream 

  • Visit local restaurants to figure out where you can eat the most for the least cost!

  • Cook a meal together, possibly for your families

  • Have a lunchtime date instead of an evening date

  • Visit a fort, a local lake, a nearby state/national park, etc.

  • Go to a thrift store and purchase some outlandish outfits, preferably from the same era; add hats, canes, wigs, glasses, jewelry, and umbrellas. Then, stroll through your town

  • Go puddle-jumping during a downpour; have a splash war; stand on the corner and wait to get splashed (in warm weather, preferably!)

  • Check the newspapers and go to "Open House" events; discuss what you like/dislike about each house; start with the "mansions" 

  • Sell lemonade by the street on a hot day

  • Plant a tree together

  • Plant a garden and enjoy working and harvesting together

  • Start a stamp collection together

  • Take an art class together

  • Stargaze at a planetarium (contact an area college or museum to locate one)

  • Get some friends and go to the video store; go to the "How to" videos & figure out something you would all like to learn to do, like Swing or Ballroom Dancing, or house repairs. Rent the video and have fun learning something new! []

  • Have a marathon Monopoly Challenge (get 2-3 friends together at 9 am on a Saturday morning and spend the day playing Monopoly). Stop for a picnic lunch in the backyard or at a park. Return to Monopoly; take a dinner break at a local fast food place. Return to Monopoly until 9 pm, at which time you declare a winner. Then, go out for dessert!

  • Check your area colleges, recreation departments, museums, or newspaper community events calendar for a listing of free classes and lectures; then go!

  • Play chess, checkers, or monopoly, or other board games

  • Go rock-skipping at a lake or beach

  • Ride the carousel at the mall, or go play on the swings, carousel and slides at a playground

  • Tour a facility at little or no cost and learn something new! Try a: fence company, electrical generating station, ice-cream factory, museum, college, newspaper pressroom, paper recycling factory, photo lab, radio station, soft drink bottling company, sound studio, telephone company, television station, electronics factory (SONY), etc.

  • Go bicycling

  • OR

  • …Fly a Kite together! 

Whatever you decide to do for your date, have a great time, and remember that TRUE LOVE WAITS FOR MARRIAGE


Marriage will be so much fun when you can remember all the unusual, funny and creative things you did on dates…rather than regretting all the risky and dangerous things you did…





[some of these ideas are from Aim for Success]