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In order to counteract the damage done through ‘comprehensive sex education”, American Life League has produced a supplemental curriculum to explain and promote the Culture of Life.

This curriculum is now available and is designed to fit into any regular high school history, biology, literature, language, art, or music class.

Each module is specifically crafted in such a way that any teacher, using any textbook, can pick up the materials and insert them into relevant segments of the class.

For instance, any biology course that touches on human embryology wil be able to incorporate the embryology module from the Culture of Life Curriculum, teaching high schoolers about the truly amazing development of preborn persons, while helping them understand the dangers associated with identifying these precious tiny people as anything but fully dignified human persons.

One of the hopes of this project is to help guide the course of high school education through extracurricular activities, pro-life clubs, the arts, and through the attitudes of the students.

While the classroom is the best place to win the minds of the upcoming leaders for the culture of life, the focus of everything else is geared toward winning their hearts.

[Aug-Sept 2012, ALL News, vol.18, no. 4]