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  • STUDY OUTLINES ABORTION’S CLEAR & PRESENT DANGERS — Dr. David Reardon & British researchers published a report in the 9/02 British Medical Journal which asserts that women who have abortions are more likely to die in the years following the procedure than mothers who give birth. Of 173,000 Californians, those women who aborted their unborn child were twice as likely to die in the next two years. According to Dr. Reardon, the reasons range from suicide, which places women at a 154 percent higher risk than non-abortive moms, to death by accidents, which accounts for an 82 percent increased risk of death. Nonpartisan scientists are continuing to unearth the dramatic health consequences of abortion. In Aug02, the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry found that, as one might expect, there is a tendency toward "depression, self-destructive behavior, and other emotional problems" for women who have been duped into believing that abortion is the safe and easy solution. [Elliot Inst, 9/02]
  • TILLER BOTCHES ABORTION – For the second time in 2 weeks KS abortionist George Tiller botched a late-term abortion. An ambulance with sirens blowing took the unconscious woman to Wesley Hospital. The victim is in serious condition. Tiller was visibly shaken, but returned immediately to his abortion site to resume his abortion trade. Friday afternoon is a "big ‘procedure’ day," says a source close to Tiller. "The sad fact is Wesley Hospital covers up Tiller’s…back-alley style abortions." [Media Advisory for October 18,2002; CCNWashDC 18Oct; Operation Rescue West at (316) 841-1700] Tiller — ¾ of his "late-term patients are teenagers…" [National Review 10Nov97, from The American Feminist, Summer 98]
  • The CDC, WHO, & other health groups estimate that in excess of 60,000 or 70,000 women die per year from complications of botched abortions. Just over a quarter of the world’s people live in 74 countries where abortion is generally banned, including much of Latin America, Africa and Asia, according to the United Nation’s Population Division. [New York Times; 1 Dec 2000]
  • CA Abortionist Who Killed Woman in legal abortion Faces Murder Trail — Bruce Steir, 67, will go before a jury, denying a defense motion to dismiss the second-degree murder charge. But the judge postponed a request to allow evidence of similar, though non-fatal, problems in abortions Steir performed in 1988 and 1992. The other two incidents did not lead to criminal charges but are crucial because they could affect how a jury views Steir’s actions in the death of Sharon Hamptlon, attorneys on both sides said. In 1996, Steir performed an abortion on Hamptlon, 27, at A Lady’s Choice Women’s Medical Center, an abortion facility in Moreno Valley. Steir, who was on medical probation in 1996 because of problems with other abortions, admits he perforated her uterus.
  • Indianapolis abortionist medical license revoked — he had been denied hospital priveleges and had at least 23 malpractice suits in 28 years. [RTL 3/00]
  • Appeals Court Upholds NY Abortion Practitioner’s 1995 Murder Conviction of a mother after a botched abortion — the first case of its kind in New York state. David Benjamin, 63, will continue serving his 25-year-to-life sentence following the decision by the Appellate Division. Guadalupe Negron, a 33-year-old mother of four, bled to death from a 3-inch rip in her uterus following the abortion at Benjamin’s Queens abortion site in 1993. [AP, 3/23/2000]
  • Woman Dies After Abortion — A 21-yr-old OH woman died Oct 11, pronounced dead at Dayton’s Good Samaritan Hospital. She had been sent home from the Dayton Women’s Services abortion facility following a legal abortion there. According to an obituary from the Dayton Daily News, L’Echelle Head "departed this life unexpectedly" and is survived by a daughter [Pro-life Infonet, CDR Radio Network (Ohio); Oct 22, 2000]
  • VA Woman Sues Abortion Facility — A Newport News woman who was seriously injured during a 1998 legal abortion has accused the Hillcrest Clinic abortion site of performing an illegal, second-trimester abortion on her. Ott, a 21-year-old clerk, is suing Hillcrest Clinic Ltd. and the abortion practitioner who allegedly performed the abortion, John Baker. She seeks a total of $850,000 in damages for a perforated uterus, acute abdominal distention and pain from a small bowel obstruction, the lawsuit says. [Pro-Life Infonet, 23Mar00]
  • NY Abortion Practitioner Could Get Back License – although he lost his medical license after a woman died, Andre Nehorayoff could get his license back. The Attorney General’s Office is considering an appeal. His license was suspended in 1991 for negligence and incompetence. One 18-year-old woman died of a ”hemorrhage due to incomplete abortion,” according to the state AG’s Office. A 36-year-old had an emergency hysterectomy after suffering a lacerated uterus and a portion of an 18-year-old woman’s bowel was delivered through her cervix, the court record stated. Months later, the Regents revoked the license for ”negligent treatment of five patients” from 1983-1990 and poor record keeping. [AP 3/24/2000]
  • Biskind Trial Shows Abortion Endangers Women — John Biskind is charged with manslaughter for botching the legal abortion of 33-year-old Lou Anne Herron in 4/98 at the A-Z Women’s Center in Phoenix. Herron hemorrhaged to death, becoming the second woman in three years to die at Biskind’s hands. (Biskind had been only censured for the previous fatality: Lisa Bardsley, 26 years old.) Also charged is Carol Stuart-Schadoff, the clinic administrator who refused to call 911 for 4 hours. In March 1999, ABC’s 20/20 devoted a segment to this problem. The owner of the Women’s A to Z Center is Moishe Hachamovitch, also an abortionist who has been investigated for the deaths of two women, one only 15 years old. ABC could have unearthed much more: Carolina Gutirrez in FL had both her legs amputated to stop gangrene related to her botched abortion, and died soon thereafter. An Alabama mother of five was similarly killed by an abortionist who knew before the legal abortion that she was at risk because of low hemoglobin levels. The Centers for Disease Control relies on voluntary reporting of abortions to state departments of health, and the Alan Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of Planned Parenthood) relies on voluntary abortion reporting from the clinics themselves. No one can seriously contend that such reporting is comprehensive, accurate and reliable. In fact, abortion advocacy groups fight efforts to get accurate information and safety regulation. Their lawyers challenge safety and abortion-reporting laws in court, claiming that they increase the administrative expenses of clinics and therefore “reduce abortion access,” violating women’s constitutional rights. In sum, constitutionalizing abortion has placed it beyond regulation — even when this means risking women’s lives. [Miami Herald; February 7, 2001, by Teresa Wagner, human-rights analyst at the Family Research Council in Wash, D.C.; Infonet]
  • Woman Hospitalized After Botched Abortion in AZ — A 39-year-old woman was hospitalized with complications from an abortion and had an emergency hysterectomy. Robert Tamis, who performed the abortion at his site in Phoenix, said the woman was 18 weeks’ pregnant and had the abortion for so-called "medical reasons." The woman was taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s Medical Center, where a surgery team apparently was waiting. [Arizona Republic; 6Feb01; Infonet]
  • Doctor defends late-term abortions – Dr. Martin Haskell, Ohio’s most controversial abortion doctor, described for a federal judge yesterday the steps of the so-called "partial-birth" abortion procedure that he helped pioneer. The judge must decide
    for the second time in five years whether a ban of the procedure is constitutional. Haskell testified that 80 percent of women receiving abortions after 19 weeks of gestation at his clinics in Dayton, Cincinnati & Akron are healthy mothers with healthy pregnancies. That contradicted earlier statements by abortion proponents, who have said it mostly helps mothers who find out late in pregnancy that their fetuses have severe defects. Haskell & his OH abortion facility, Women’s Medical Professional Corp., are asking the judge to declare unconstitutional the pro-life law banning partial-birth abortions. Those who perform partial-birth abortions could face eight years in prison and a $15,000 fine [AP, 8Jan01; JULIE CARR SMYTH, PLAIN DEALER COLUMBUS BUREAU, 11 Jan01]

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