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Do you ever wonder if the dating you do is "all there is?"


Or, if you are about to start dating,

do you wish you had some sort of guide,

some "helpful hints",

to get off to a good start?



Well, for starters, all dates involve sexuality: maleness and femaleness.


But all dates do NOT include sexual activity.


Learn to respect your date as a person,

not as something for your sex-satisfaction.


       When you date, date for mental (intellectual), emotional, and spiritual (your innermost being) companionship.


Save passionate petting and genital sex activity for marriage so that then your genital sharing will reflect the SIX SEX FAX about Sexual Desire:

it's Natural

it's Powerful

it's Controllable

it's Enjoyable

it's Mysterious

and our sexual NEED is slight compared to our sexual DESIRE.

Dating is for fun, growth, and mate selection.

When you're on a date…

WORK TOGETHER on family, school, community, church, or government activities

PLAY TOGETHER: try picnics, concerts, dances, museum exhibits, sports, shows, movies…or monopoly

THINK TOGETHER: share interests, hobbies, ideas, priorities, values, goals, and problems

On your dates…

— be considerate

— have definite date plans

— have definite date times

— give the date plans and times to someone you trust so someone will know where you are at any given moment

— obey your dating rules

— dress sensibly, appropriately, modestly

— date people you respect

— drive safely

— be honest and trustworthy

To have safe dates

no pick-ups

no parking to "just talk"

no pot, no pills, no alcohol, no drugs

no petting

no porn in any form

no prolonged privacy, and…

no places that invite trouble or danger.

Try Group Dating…more people means…

more fun

less money to spend per person

more conversations, less pressure

less stress

more opportunity to really "get to know" lots of different people…

You'll be a lot more relaxed and enjoy your dating more!