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People everywhere are standing up and demanding the right to choose.

Yet, choice is being undermined in one important area of life — dating.

It's time to stand up and demand, "I have the right to choose, and I will!"


What Rights Do You Have in Dating?

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL. Just because friends, newspapers, TV, and music seem to say that "everyone is doing it", doesn't make their choices good enough for you. You have a right to find joy and fun without compromising your moral standards.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR VALUES RESPECTED. If someone asked for your brand-new computer to "prove your love", you would probably laugh at this selfish demand. Yet, many people fall for that line when it comes to sex.

You have the RIGHT to demand that your values be treated as valuable, worthy of care and respect. If someone becomes your friend to get your computer, he's not much of a friend. If your date is only interested in your body for sex, how much does he or she really care about YOU?

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CARE FOR YOUR BODY. Right now many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are epidemic among people of all walks of life. AIDS is a major cause of death among women, according to the CDC. You have the RIGHT to keep yourself free from possible disease by saying 'no' to a date who tries to pressure you into premarital sex. 

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CARE FOR YOUR REPUTATION. You can and should refuse cheap, degrading experiences on a date. You also have the RIGHT to choose a reputation that not only makes you feel good about your own actions, but also is an example to others.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DATE THOSE WHO WILL NOT TEMPT YOU BUT WILL TREAT YOU AS THE VERY SPECIAL PERSON YOU ARE. Popularity does not depend on sex. Being described as "an awesome date who does not compromise his/her ideals" is far more important than being dated for the wrong reasons.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAVE YOURSELF FOR YOUR FUTURE WIFE OR HUSBAND. This is not merely a right — it's a responsibility. Suppose you are given a priceless gift – a unique, precious, one-of-a-kind possession, all your own.

Sometime in your life, you will give it away, but only once — for keeps.

You have the responsibility of choosing what you will do with it. Will you give that gift to the first person who admires it? To a casual friend? To someone who demands it, or laughs at you for wanting to preserve and protect it?

Hopefully, you'll wait, consider carefully, and then select a person who is worthy of your gift. Then you can give freely and joyously, knowing that the person will receive it with love and appreciation, cherishing your gift because he or she cherishes you.

Your sexual self is your priceless gift!

You have the right to protect your gift!

Know your Dating Rights!