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Using Strategy is a great technique to sharpen your mind for victory.

Strategy is necessary when playing chess, soccer, or any game of challenge.

And so it is as you enter the challenging game of dating!

Here are some basic points to help you get off to a good start and to keep you in the game!!

Don’t feel pressured to date. Hanging out with friends can be great fun!

Date and hang our with like-minded people.

Look for friends, not serious relationships.

Avoid steady boyfriends/girlfriends.

Always know the person you go out with!

Have boundaries and stick with them.


Have planned activities and stick with them.

Dress attractively, not seductively.

Keep your clothes on, all the way and all the time.

Never lie down with your dates.

Stay out of the opposite sex bed room.

Stay in groups.

Don’t stay in a house without adult supervision.

Set a reasonable curfew for yourself, if your parents haven’t already.

Avoid movies with strong sexual content.

Make sure your parents meet everyone you date.

Invite your parents to join you on your dates — OK, occasionally!

Always let your parents know where you are going.

Avoid being alone with your date.

Never use drugs or alcohol.

Leave parties where drugs and alcohol are being used.

Date people your own age, or near your age.

      Never try to “prove your love” with physical involvement.                  (Do the Right Thing – Wait for the Ring!)

If you have made past mistakes, forgive yourself.

Be proud of your stand for sexual abstinence.

[from “Aim for Success with the A-Team”, Aim for Success]