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Delaware Right to Life has placed pro-life billboards in their community to send a message to Planned Parenthood abortion workers that illegal activity could send them to prison —

According to Delaware Right to Life, the goal of the campaign is to, “urge abortion clinic [sic] workers and volunteers to protect themselves from ongoing investigations into crimes in the abortion industry before it is too late.”

The campaign by Delaware Right to Life is a result of Life Dynamics’ Clinic [sic] Worker project. Life Dynamics, a national pro-life organization in Denton, Texas, provided the artwork for the billboards.

According to a board member of Delaware Right to Life, “We are placing the billboards in places where clinic [sic] workers will see them. So far we’ve placed four billboards in two of three Delaware counties”.

Delaware Right to Life had an existing pro-life billboard behind Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, the site where several workers quit their jobs, describing what they observed as “meat market style assembly line abortions” which sent five patients to emergency rooms in an eight week period.

“Planned Parenthood also employed abortionist Timothy Liveright whose license was recently suspended for being a ‘clear and immediate danger to the public’, according to the attorney general’s office.

“We have placed one Clinic Worker billboard below our existing billboard in that location. The billboard is located at the entrance to the Planned Parenthood staff parking lot where workers will see it daily as they enter the clinic. ”

The billboards warn abortion workers, “Don’t let your job put you in prison.”

Life Dynamics recently re-launched their project with the knowledge that virtually every abortion business in the country is engaged in at least some sort of illegal activity and most are engaged in several.

Life Dynamics knows that when this information is brought out into the public, the consequences for the abortion industry can be devastating.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics points out, “An issue that was recently brought into the public spotlight is the killing of children outside the womb who survive botched abortions.

“While many of us in the pro-life movement already knew that this has been going on for years, the general public was not made aware of it until May, 2013, when Pennsylvania abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, was sentenced to life in prison for committing this crime.”

Crutcher continues, “There’s going to be more of the Gosnells out there. Abortion clinic workers are getting scared; the thing that’s so important about the Gosnell situation is not that Gosnell went to prison, but that eight of his employees went to prison.

“All these employees out there are looking at that and saying, ‘You know what? I like my job and I’m pro-choice and all that, but I’m not interested in going to prison. I’m not that committed.’”

Crutcher says, “You know, you can show abortion clinic workers pictures of dead babies all you want to. They see more dead babies than you’ll ever see in your life. They’ve forgotten more about dead babies than you’ll ever know. But you’ve got to appeal to them where they live, which is ‘I don’t want to go to jail. I’m seeing things in here that are bothering me, and I’m concerned about going to jail and I want to get help.’

Delaware Right to Life — — has this message for abortion workers who will see the billboards in their campaign:

“We appeal to you to protect yourselves, do the right thing. Abortion is a profit-minded industry that operates under the mask of respectability with little to no public accountability. But now the states are wising up.

“Get out before you get caught in the tide of exposure.”

Crutcher concludes, “I have always said, every piece of information we need to destroy the abortion industry is IN the abortion industry and they know it.

“We are encouraging people to get out in front of abortion clinics with these materials, that is what Delaware Right to Life has done and that is what we hope more pro-life groups will do across the nation. This is only the beginning. ”

Those who would like more information on the Clinic Worker Kit, can order them at (products page), or contact Life Dynamics by phone @ 940-380-8800.
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