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[Comment: If you connect to the link about getting legal status for Delaware’s POLST, you will be taken to a very interesting and apparently power point presentation on the promotion of EOL (end of life) legislation. The last link is for a $395, updatable “Right to Die” book that “analyzes the statutory and case law surrounding the profound issues of end-of-life decisionmaking.” N. Valko RN, 13 May 2015]

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Delaware Passes POLST Bill (DMOST)

Yesterday, the Delaware Senate passed H.B. 64, which the House passed at the end of March. Once signed by the governor, this will add a new title 25A to title 16 of the Delaware Code: “Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Act” (DMOST Act).”

Getting a legal status for POLST in Delaware has been a long a bumpy road. I review some of that here.

This summer, I will be assessing this and other new POLST and surrogate decision making statutes for the 2016 supplement to the RIGHT TO DIE legal reference treatise.

Posted by Thaddeus Mason Pope, J.D., Ph.D. at 6:21 AM, Friday, May 8, 2015