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The Christian Medical & Dental Associations calls on other health care organizations, churches, patients, family and friends to celebrate Doctor’s Day, March 30, 2008.

National Doctor’s Day is a dedicated day to recognize the contributions and dedication physicians and dentists make to our society.

It provides an opportunity for patients to show their appreciation to the doctors who care for them and their loved ones.

“Every Christian doctor is a medical missionary. They may not serve in a foreign country, but each day they have dozens of intimate conversations with patients who do not have a relationship with God. Doctors have an opportunity to influence their patients through their lives and counsel just as Christ did as He healed the sick,” states CEO of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations David Stevens, MD.

Hard work, stress and sacrifice with years of study and training, often at great financial cost denote the profile of doctors. Many must cope with the conflicting demands of work and family and enduring long and unpredictable hours. Christian Medical & Dental Associations recognizes the great cost of being a doctor and calls on communities to acknowledge the sacrifices they make.

Recognizing your doctor can be done in several ways including sending a note of appreciation, praying for them on a regular basis, sending flowers or having a church re-commissioning service. Find out additional ways you can recognize the doctors in your life by visiting our website at

The first Doctor’s Day celebration was held on March 30, 1933 – recognizing the date on which Dr. Crawford W. Long first used ether as an anesthetic agent in 1842 to remove a cyst.

In honor of America’s physicians, the Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution 366 (Public Law 101-473), designated March 30, 1991 as “National Doctors Day”. The President signed the proclamation in the same year.

[Bristol, TN—March 10, 2008]