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What does it mean to be "Classy"?

It does not mean exposing various parts of your body skin, nor does it mean wearing skin tight clothing.

It does mean to be distinguished, to hold a certain high rank or status based on character, constituting the best role model or authority.

When buying clothes and dressing to express your dignity as a classy woman:

1. Remember that first impressions are important.

People who never get to speak to you or listen to you can still see you. How do you want them to remember you?

2. Remember that you live in many different positions, even if you are not in yoga class! You sit, stand, lean over, climb up stairs with people behind you, and sit at tables facing speakers, bosses or teachers. How do your clothes or lack of clothes appear to the people that are next to you, above you and below you in all your daily positions?

3. Too loose blouses and shirts can be as immodest as tight ones. If the neckline drops from your body when you bend over, guess what everyone can see? The body parts that your blouse was designed to cover! If the armpit is too loose, think about the view of the guy standing next to you – right to the inside!

4. Blouses that button sometimes have see through gaps between the buttons, so consider if there is a side view to the inside, this may not be the blouse to buy or wear. Or is it tight and comes unbuttoned so you need to wear a full slip or tank top underneath?

5. Move your arms up when you look in the mirror. Does your back or belly show? If so, you need a longer look or a layer underneath.

6. If you wear a knee length skirt and go up stairs at work, church or school, guess what shows to the people behind you on the stairs? Your thighs! Even if they are in the firmest shape, this is not a body part for a classy lady to expose. Then what else happens when you sit down? So instead, we're talking about wearing a skirt that covers your knee even when you sit – unless you stand up all day and never use stairs.

7. Today's V-necks and scoop necks are usually too low for short or medium height people. How about a contrasting colored scarf to add to the outfit?

8. What can everyone see through my clothing? If it is summer and you are wearing lightweight clothing, make sure that your undergarments are doing their job protecting your modesty. Try an extra lined bra for the months that it is too warm to dress in layers. Or why not a vest? If you wear light colored pants, how thick is the fabric and how loose are they? How solid is your underwear?

9. On the other hand, dressing grungy makes a statement, too, even if it is modest. Let your clothes be an advertisement of your dignity as a woman.

10. Finally, walk, stand and sit with dignity. Think of yourself as a person who deserves respect.

Ask for it by the way you dress.


[Abstinence Clearinghouse, 11May05, By Dr. Coleen Kelly Mast]