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The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has released Emergency Contraception [EC, also called Plan B, and the morning after pill, MAP] to the public Over-The-Counter (OTC). 

This potent drug will be on the pharmacy shelf along with aspirin and cough drops. Anyone over age 18 — and as of April 2009, anyone under 18 — may buy EC, even sex predators.

Many physicians and individuals opposed releasing EC as an OTC drug for many valid medical reasons. 

Older men who sexually prey on younger girls would pressure them to use EC; this would place these girls in serious danger of STD infection.

Also, the long-term effect of such high-dosage estrogen on young females has not been studied.

Women who take lower dosage "birth control pills" need a prescription; higher dosage EC/MAP does not require a physical exam and girls/women will not have the protective support of physician oversight.

We were told that EC would cut the number of surgical abortions in half.

In European countries where EC is freely available, abortion numbers have increased.

Those who promised the lowered abortion numbers are now admitting abortion numbers will not be lowered.