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EllaOne is an abortifacient — it causes abortion.

While Emergency Contraception MAY be abortifacient a percentage of the time, that is not its only mechanism.

EllaOne is in the same family with the infamous RU-486 (mifepristone, "mifeprex") which acts only as an abortifacient to kill a developing human embryo.

Now, THEY will say there is no pregnancy yet, no "developing human embryo".

That's because THEY — the pharmaceuticals & pro-aborts & pro-contraceptors — REDEFINED the word "conception" in the 1960s to mean "implantation in the uterus" (6-10 days after union of sperm & egg) instead of its historic meaning of union of sperm & egg (fertilization).


Semantics may change the meaning of the words in some people's minds; but semantics will never change the REALITY that HUMAN LIFE BEGINS AT THE MOMENT SPERM & EGG UNITE.

We need to know how they are thinking so we may never be lulled into believing that way…

"If we must err, err on the side of LIFE!"

Life or Death… NO OTHER Choice.