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Emerging Issues in Embryo Donation and adoption will be the centerpiece of a first of its kind conference next month in Washington D.C.

Sessions will delve into a variety of subtopics in the emerging field of embryo donation and adoption under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Keenan.

He’s the director of the National Embryo Donation Center.

“We have here at the National Embryo Donation Center over 40% pregnancy and delivery rate per embryo transfer with these embryos.”

Medical experts, attorneys, and public policy representatives will cover angles like embryo donation qualifications, so couples craving to fill a nursery crib know this new form of adoption is safe.

“These donors are screened initially and ideally rescreened for sexually transmitted diseases and any infectious diseases that could impact the adopting couple.”

Marti Bailey and her husband have just given birth through embryo transfer and are the proud parents of twins… a boy and a girl.

“While I was waiting for a birth family to choose us I could be pregnant and be having my own adopted child. So that is what we decided to do.”

Because the procedure doesn’t compromise their Christian values, Jen and her husband Todd of Arizona have just begun the screening process.

“We‘re both very passionately pro-life one thing that was really heavy on our hearts was just how many embryos are frozen in storage.”

Over half a million frozen embryos are in storage in the U.S.

[25Apr08, by Karen Johnson,]