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Did you know that your emergency contraceptive may act as an abortifacient (have a pre-implantation effect)?

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“Wilks' list of [“little known medical risks regarding use of the morning after abortion pill”] underscores the fact that we are witnessing yet another population control experiment in which women are being treated with less respect than guinea pigs. 


"In this case, unlimited numbers of women are being exposed to the dangers of this abortifacient and there is not even a plan to measure complications and determine its safety…

"Meanwhile, effective, safe, and free Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods based on periodic abstinence are mocked & dismissed because (a) pharmaceutical companies can't make money off them, and (b) NFP methods underscore the importance of marriage, communication, and respect for life.”

[David C. Reardon, Ph.D., Elliot Institute]

EC/MAP has various names based on the manufacturer:

Plan B in the USA, Postinor-2 in Australia, etc.

Wilks: “Why this pharmacy does not sell Postinor-2; the 'morning-after' pill (MAP)

"1. Scientific studies have provided strong evidence indicating that for many women the 'morning-after' pill (MAP) does not stop a pregnancy from occurring.

"Researchers have said that it acts in at least 2 ways to end a pregnancy:   

"a.   By damaging the lining of the womb so that implantation of the human embryo – the unseen patient – cannot occur. [1]  

"b. Research in mice has also indicated that if an embryo attaches to the womb, the body reabsorbs it, thereby ending the embryo’s life. [2] 

"Because the MAP can act via these two methods, it must be classified as an abortifacient – a drug that can cause an abortion.[3]

"The fact that the MAP reduces the expected pregnancy rate by 87% supports the claim that it frequently acts to end the life of a human embryo. [4]  Therefore, due to the danger to the health of the human embryo caused by the MAP, my Code of Professional Conduct, parts 1.1 and 1.2,  forbids me from selling this drug.[5]

"2. The 'morning-after' pill is also very dangerous to a woman's health. Scientific reports have proved that:

* The 'morning-after' pill causes an increase in the incidence of ectopic pregnancies.[6]   In one of these cases the affected Fallopian tube had to be surgically removed. As a result these women have a greatly reduced possibility of a future pregnancy.

* The 'morning-after' pill can also have serious interactions with prescribed medications. The British Medical Journal has reported that the 'morning-after' pill can interfere with warfarin medications. [7] [8]

* Dr. Ellen Grant, writing in the Lancet (2001) has expressed the concern that ".5% of women have a genetic susceptibility to thrombo-embolic disease (blood clots)." When these women take the 'morning-after' pill – which is equal in strength to taking 50 regular birth control tablets – a blood clot might form. [9]

*  There is concern that the very high dose of hormone taken in the 'morning-after' pill might 'kick-start' cervical cancer if a woman is already infected with HPV.[10] Recent studies are showing the connection between HPV, chemical contraceptives, and cervical cancer.  

"In summary, because of these dangerous medical consequences associated with the 'morning-after' pill and my professional duty-of care responsibilities, we do not sell Postinor-2." [John Wilks B.Pharm., MPS, MACPP Consultant Pharmacist,18Feb04] 

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