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Advance Directives are an important protection…

End of life decisions can cause great anguish in families. In the current health care climate, it is important to be informed concerning all your options.

No one is required by law to have an advance directive; do not let anyone pressure you into signing any type of advance directive.

The following are offered as sources of information concerning advance directives: 


Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide & Health Care Decisions:
Protecting Yourself & Your Family
by Rita L. Marker

International Task Force Update
To obtain the Protective Medical Decisions Document (the ITF's durable power of attorney for health care), call 740-282-3810 or 800-958-5678, 8:30am – 4:30pm (eastern time).

American Life League
The Loving Will — Ethical Alternative to the "Living Will"

National Right to Life
The Will to Live



Lives considered by some to be "imperfect" and "burdensome" may not be here on earth for themselves, as much as they are here for us, the care-givers.

As care-givers, we may actually be the ones who benefit from these lives, as we learn to care for others, and to put their welfare before our own.

If people contemplate and really see the Sanctity of Life, their "quality of life" arguments fall away and they will understand that we are here to Care for each other, not to kill each other.

Caring, and not convenience, is the sign of a civilized and just society…

Preserving the original prolife hospice mission…
Ron Panzer, Hospice Patients Alliance

Here is a wonderful example of growing as human beings, of sacrificing for the happiness of others, of gaining character traits.

Picking up Butch