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Congress may not have de-funded Planned Parenthood yet, but we will not be silent.
We will continue to fight for women and their preborn babies until we see an end to abortion.
Persist in your demand that Congress defund Planned Parenthood!

  Abraham Lincoln said-  'It is never right to do the wrong thing!'  

$356,000,000 of taxpayer funding of abortion is definitely the WRONG thing!! 

A baby is killed at PP every 96 seconds, $11 tax dollars goes to PP every second, that means $1056 of our tax dollars pay for each baby killed at Planned Parenthood.

READ Planned Parenthood's OWN Report on 'their' 'services' – YOU decide!
Does this sound like 'they' NEED OUR MONEY to 'assist' this 'business'?!

Why Do We Give PP our Tax Dollars to Kill our Children & Harm our Women?


Pregnancy is NOT a Disease

Induced Abortion is NOT Health Care

Women Do NOT NEED Abortion

Babies Can LIVE Without Abortion