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In light of all the recent videos displaying Planned Parenthood’s barbaric treatment of human beings, the nation is discussing abortion more than ever.

Planned Parenthood has even been forced to hire a high-powered spin machine to help save face.

Unfortunately, many Americans are primarily disgusted at the sale of an aborted baby’s body parts, not at the initial abortion of the baby.

Planned Parenthood may try to deny the black market it appears to be participating in but they cannot deny the fact that they performed 327,653 abortions last year alone.

In the most recent video, the remains of a little boy, whom Students for Life has named Emmett, are shown.

The abortionist describes Emmett as “war-torn,” meaning his body is very fractured following his death.

Which is worse?

The killing of Emmett or the “parting out” of Emmett?

[Ed. i.e. discussing the cost of each piece, part, organ, and limb of Emmett]

Today Oregon Right to Life released a new video [ ], hoping to help many Americans finally see what abortion is.

“Abortion Procedures: Unveiling the Choice” is a short film in which some of the most common abortion procedures in use today are demonstrated with lifelike fetal models and actual abortion instruments.

(Partial birth abortion, though currently banned, is also featured due to the fact that Obama has repeatedly expressed his desire to re-legalize this procedure.)

Most Americans seem to have drawn a line in the sand: “You can abort Emmett, but if you sell his body afterwards, you’ve gone too far.”

As a nation, we are calling for the defunding of our abortion giant louder than we are demanding the abolishment of abortion altogether.

“Choice” is an innocuous word. No one wants their own right to choose infringed so we have accepted the right to choose for someone else.

But what if YOU were the “someone else:” are one of these procedures a way you like to die?


(NOTE: closed captions on the video are often phonetically incorrect and hopefully will be corrected…)

[Liberty Pike Jul 30, 2015, ]