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Updated 7/9/2015 — I want everyone to share this please. My husband wanted me to share this story to possible save the next young girl that decides to get this nasty thing!

On March 29,2015, 6 weeks after giving birth to my daughter, I was pushed into getting the mirena birth control (iud), bc it helps controls bleeding ( I have a blood disorder Von Willabrands Disease) & it’s good for 5 years!

After getting it I had vaginal bleeding, hair loss, weight gain, headaches, severe stomach pain, and depression, memory loss, and other symptoms.

After a office visit & numerous office calls my doctor & nurses said its all normal & to just try it for 90 days!

On June 23rd I went to have the mirena removed because I couldn’t take the side effects any longer.

The doctor wanted me to just take medicine to control the symptoms; I refused as I thought if you had to be on medicine just to control your birth control issues, something is wrong.

We proceeded the exam to have mirena IUD removed. The doctor could reach the strings to remove it but it wouldn’t come.

I went across the hall over for ultrasound to locate it which revealed that it was embedded in myometrium and would have to be surgically removed.

On Wednesday July 1st I went in for my 1st surgery to have the mirena removed which was only supposed to take 30-60 minutes.

After 3 hours I came out with the mirena still embedded in me.

The doctor went through my uterus and went thru my belly button & stomach to try to get to the IUD. The doctors couldn’t get it bc I started bleeding heavily & they didn’t have blood on stand by.

On Thursday July 9th I went to meet a new surgeon who advised me I will be going through another surgical procedure in the next upcoming weeks.

The new surgeon thinks he can rip it out. If I hemorrhage or if by any chance he cannot get it to come out I will be having a hysterectomy.

At the age of 22 that is devastating to me.

If you are thinking the mirena as your birth control I hope you rethink you decision as it destroyed my life.

Thank you to each & everyone of you who took time to share, read, or just simply warn someone else about it.

I know some people love it & have had no trouble, but remember you could always be just that one person like me.

For everyone that has sent me a message I apologize for not getting back with you.

[Ed.  Beyond the physical complications and adverse effects that can happen, such as above, the IUD mechanism keeps any tiny human embryo (about 100 cells in size) from implanting in the uterus, and so, the tiny human embryo gets expelled from the uterus and is aborted. Women are not told that IUDs are abortion-causing … that is the way they work… ]