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Florida abortion practitioner James Pendergraft has been fined $10,000 and will lose his medical license for one year over an illegal late-term abortion he did in 2005.

That’s the decision of the Florida Board of Medicine, which handed down the decision about the notorious abortion practitioner on Friday.

The board also will place Pendergraft’s license on a three year probationary period following the suspension, but he plans to appeal the decision.

The illegal abortions supposedly occurred at his Orlando centers in 2004 and 2005, but the Florida Board of Medicine threw out the charges related to the 2004 abortion.

However, the board said Pendergraft failed to follow state laws on an abortion he did on a woman’s baby who was about 27 to 28 weeks into the pregnancy.

Florida only allows such late-term abortions to be done in a hospital and only with the certification from two physicians asserting that the woman’s life is in danger from the pregnancy.

[4Dec07, Orlando, FL]