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A new research center focusing on marriage and family life issues, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC), will open 3/06 in downtown Ottawa.

The IMFC will conduct research and assemble resources on current issues impacting family life.

Everything from childcare to age of consent to issues such as stem cell research and euthanasia will come under the mandate of the institute.

IMFC director Dave Quist: “We inform decision makers about factors affecting the family, and children. That’s been one problem in the past-there tends to be substance missing from the debates.”

The institute will offer Canada’s political leaders a solid resource for current information on family issues from a social policy perspective, and will provide analysis of the impact of policy decisions on the health of family life.

Along with conducting research, the IMFC will utilize both Canadian and international sources, providing a Canadian context for information gathered from around the world.

“Family is the foundation of our society,” Mr. Quist said in a press release yesterday.
“Without a strong family, society will weaken.”

[Institute of Marriage and Family Canada,; Schultz, Ontario, 24Feb06]