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Earlier this week Fox News aired a report titled “The Truth About Sex & College.”

It tells the true story of a typical “casual hook-up” on a college campus that ended with an assault charge and a ruined reputation for a young man.

As in most casual hook-ups, the one in the report involved extremely high levels of alcohol.

This all comes back to one question – can someone consent to sex when they’ve been drinking?

Many universities have decided that the answer is no. The fact that we are even being forced to have these conversations all over college campuses is disheartening.

When did sex become so worthless that it is not worth remembering?

When did sex become something that drunken strangers partake in?

Parents, educators and influencers need to be the voices of reason for our youth and young adults; sex is an invaluable gift that should only be experienced within a committed marriage relationship.

[16 Dec 2015,]