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According to media reports, Dr. Ellen C. Perrin, a long-time advocate for homosexual parents, has released another study purporting to show “that children of homosexual parents do as well as children whose parents are heterosexual in every way.”

It will take time to examine the full study, but there are good reasons for skepticism.

Even pro-homosexual researchers, like sociologist Judith Stacey, have acknowledged that previous claims of “no difference” between children raised by homosexual and heterosexual parents were unsupportable.

Perrin claims between one and six million children are being raised by “committed lesbian or gay couples.”

Since the 2000 census showed only 600,000 same-sex partner households nationwide, the upper range of Perrin’s estimate would yield an astonishing ten children per homosexual couple!

Another red flag is Perrin’s statement that “single heterosexual parents’ children have more difficulties” than children of homosexual parents.

Advocates for homosexual parents can only achieve their desired result by comparing their outcomes with those of dysfunctional heterosexual family structures such as single-parent households.

Based on much research, it is known that direct comparisons between homosexual couples and heterosexual married couples would show the latter provide the superior environment for child-rearing.

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