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Global Life Campaign: International Abortion Stats Org Reveals 1 Billion (2013) Abortions in World Since 1920

Thomas Jacobson explained the benefits of the new Global Life Campaign’s information service for those seeking reliable, very detailed national, regional and international abortion statistics, national abortion legislation, and other information on the issue.

The main purpose of all the information that The Global Life Campaign provides on its website, says Jacobson, the organization’s Executive Director, is “to lift up the standard of the sanctity of life among all the nations, to remember the unborn and to serve pro-life nations of which there are 61 that still prohibit abortion.”

The organization seeks to help those pro-life nations to preserve their good laws.

It also reveals that there as 97 countries that have abortion on demand or have legalized abortifacients, there are 37 middle countries that permit abortion under restricted conditions, and in the 61 that prohibit abortion, the only exception that there might be would be to save the life of the mother.

Jacobson stated that he has very carefully tracked all actual reported numbers of international abortions from 1920 forward and found that the total has exceeded 1 billion since that time, which, he emphasizes, “makes abortion the greatest genocide in history.”

On the website, Jacobson explains, they have a world graph that covers 78 nations in the over 1 billion, they have country graphs on 32 countries that show the specific numbers of abortions by year and there are 40-45 countries where the Global Life Campaign has good numbers on for most years. Their “next project is to set up a pilot project with a PhD team to review those countries and where they’ve got gaps and how to best fill those gaps.”

The website also displays the abortion laws of 181 countries, plus a sanctity of life sanction with multiple blogs covering such issues as what are the foundations for the sanctity of life, what are the roles and purposes of government and much more.


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