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From the national 40 Days for Life Campaign headquarters, come these two stories of why pro-life people do what they do.

Alexandria, Virginia
A woman pulled into an empty parking lot near the 40 Days for Life vigil in Alexandria – and waited there for about 30 minutes. Finally, she got out of the car … and approached one of the vigil participants.

She said she knew exactly why people were there praying.

When she was 21, she had a low-income job, had little money – and learned she was pregnant. The child’s father was supportive, however – and asked her to pray about it.

He said it was they who had made a mistake – it certainly wasn’t the baby’s fault – and they could get through this.

The woman was shaking as she spoke. She then took out her phone and showed a picture of her daughter, who is now 21 years old herself.

This was her only child – she was never able to have others.

“She is so grateful and happy for having chosen life,” the vigil participant said.

“She works in the area and has been watching us during the campaign,” the volunteer said. “She wanted us to know that what we are doing there on the sidewalk really matters.”

Nashville, Tennessee
A woman drove up to the 40 Days for Life vigil in Nashville and rolled down her window. She noted that people had prayed outside this abortion center for quite some time, and that was a good thing.

At one point in her life, abortion seemed like the right thing to do.

“I came here a couple of years ago,” she said, “and because of the people praying here … I now have him.”

“She turned to the back seat,” said one of the vigil participants, “where a little toddler was making sweet noises. I was so astonished. This joyful news was in such contrast to the gloom and ugliness that is the abortion center.”

Beyond that, this volunteer was pretty much speechless. “All I could do was thank her. The young woman had a beautiful smile; she was lovely and happy and full of appreciation for those of you who were here about two years ago…”

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