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Two girls were bragging that between them, they had given Herpes to hundres of guys. They said, "They wanted it; they got it". Another girl, when she found out she was pregnant, smiled and said, "Well, I guess I got him right where I want him, don't I?"

Now, how many of you guys think you could get caught in one of these situations?

"Not me", you say. "I'd never fall for one of those types of girls!"

One guy even said he could tell if his date had an STD. When asked how, he just shrugged his soulders.

You can't tell by looking..

Well, the truth is, you can't tell by looking, and every year millions of guys contract STDs from infected girls who don't "look" infected.

[In 2000, over 9.1 million young Americans, aged 15-24, were infected with STDs. Of course, these are only the 9.1 million cases that were reported. How many young people are infected, but have not been medically checked?]


If you play, you'll have to pay…

Sooner or later, you guys have to pay dearly for that one brief moment of passion.

Too many guys think they'd be stupid to turn down the moment, but the time has come for you to think about sex a little more seriously.

After all, it could alter your entire future.

So much for college and a great career, if you have to get a job to pay child support. STDs are not much fun when you have to take time off from work to visit the doctor for treatments…or when you're in pain.

A good sex life seldom makes a good, strong relationship; but a good relationship does create a good sex life…after marriage.

Guys, think it through:

Abstinence is smart…