Studies - Breast Cancer

HCG & Breast Cancer Prevention

Drs. Jose and Irma Russo, Fox Chase Cancer Center

HCG and Cancer Prevention

The Doctors Russo have adjoining offices, one right behind the other in the pathology research labs at Fox Chase Cancer Center, (FCCC) in Philly, PA. Dr. Jose Russo, M. D. is Chief of Pathology at FCCC and Dr. Irma Russo, M. D. is Chief of Molecular Endocrinology and President of The League of Women Against Cancer.

Their authoritative work on the development of the human breast is acknowledged world wide.

Currently, Dr. Jose Russo is Principle Investigator in a research study examining the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, (HCG) which appears to have a role in reducing breast cancer risks. At birth all humans are exposed to HCG. HCG initiates the many stages in the development of the fetus. At home pregnancy tests register on HCG levels, which signal pregnancy.

The Russos have found that early, full-term pregnancy, before the age of 25, has certain beneficial, protective effects from breast cancer.

As HCG signals the undifferentiated or immature breast cells to mature, these slower-growing mature breast cells allow time for DNA repairs to take place in damaged breast cells, avoiding the development of breast cancer.

HCG treatment, the Russos say, may signal breast cells to mature as it does in early pregnancy, thus preventing breast cancer.