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Our January International meeting made one thing very clear: There is an agenda in the world's healthcare systems to mainstream abortion as a human right for all women of all countries. Those of us who do not do elective abortion and do not refer for elective abortion will be looked at as physicians who deny women a basic reproductive healthcare human right. This agenda is unmistakable in the proceedings of committees of the United Nations, of the European Union, certain well funded NGO's, and even in statements from the United States State Department.

Our defense is to declare ourselves practitioners of Hippocratic Medicine. In Hippocrates' time (4th Century BC), it was common for a "physician" to practice purposefully ending lives, as well as treating disease and saving lives. Hippocrates declared a different standard committed to doing good, not harm, to the patient.

The Hippocratic Oath has been a standard value in civilized medical practice for 2400 years. In the USA, medical students routinely pledged themselves to this Oath in past years. However, since the mid 1970's, a commitment to the Hippocratic Oath has first been diluted, and now is practically abandoned.

Hippocratic Medicine is now on the verge of being declared by world medical/ethical systems as "a denial of basic human reproductive rights."

We encourage you to identify yourself as a "Hippocratic physician." Surely the majority of doctors are, but unless we identify ourselves as "Hippocratic," we will be marginalized by world and national systems pushing abortion and euthanasia agendas.

We urge you to go to, read the home page, click on "register here," and register. Registration is free.

The registry is international in scope. The registry is in no way involved with politics. It is simply a service that allows you to identify yourself as a Hippocratic physician. It seeks to form a network of like-minded physicians throughout the world. And as a service, the registry may send you pertinent updates on the national or world scene which may impact your own practice, or impact Hippocratic medicine in general.

The Hippocratic Registry is a project of Dr. John Patrick, retired Pediatrician in Canada, where he had a long involvement in research in pediatric nutrition. He is currently a college president in Ottawa, Canada, and lectures extensively on moral issues in medicine and culture, and integration of faith and science.

AAPLOG encourages all of our members and associates to register as Hippocratic healthcare professionals. We feel this identity will be increasingly essential to our very existence in the world of objectionable medical ideologies/values that is being pressed upon us.

The traditional version and the 1995 version of the Hippocratic Oath can be found at [29Jan2010, Jdc/aaplog]