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75% of Sexually Active Homosexuals are Carrying Human Papiloma Virus, Study Suggests

Preliminary results from a Spanish study of sexually-active homosexuals indicates that seventy-five percent are carrying the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), according to a report by Europa Press.

The study, which is seeking to follow sexually active homosexuals who normally use condoms, has so far followed 40 subjects over a period of several months, and has arrived at a preliminary figure of 75 percent HPV infection.

The figure is more than twice the average for Spanish youth, according to Europa Press, which reports that 30 percent are carriers of HPV.

The Human Papiloma Virus, which comes in hundreds of varieties, is believed to cause cervical cancer in women and penile cancer in men. It is also a marker for risk of contracting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the virus that is believed to cause AIDS.

As LifeSiteNews has reported previously, sexually-active homosexuals are far more likely to contract a variety of crippling diseases, including AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis and staph infections. The high level of infectious diseases among homosexuals is related to high levels of promiscuity.  Homosexuals have an estimated number of lifetime sexual partners ranging into the hundreds, according to some studies.

The high rate of HIV infection among homosexuals has led the US Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit men who have committed sodomy with men after 1977 from donating blood.

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[M.C. Hoffman, BARCELONA, December 2, 2010,,





Role of Homosexual Sex in Spread of AIDS in Africa Long Ignored, Medical Journal Lancet Reports
Here’s an interesting “Global Update” from the New York Times — after decades of homosexual activists pointing to Africa to change the subject whenever the obvious causal link between male homosexual practices and HIV is brought up. Note the last line: can you imagine the Times‘ indignation if all affected African countries were to report that truth that “gay” male sex is far riskier than normal sex?

We presume based on the Times‘ summary that the Lancet article is rife with pro-homosexual political correctness, as Western elites generally yearn to bring their decadent “First World” attitudes to economically underdeveloped countries that still regard homosexuality as deviant. — Peter LaBarbera,

The New York Times reports (emphasis added):

Aids: Role of Gay [sic] Men in Spreading Virus Is Ignored in Africa, Study Finds

New York Times, July 20, 2009

The role of [homosexual] sex in the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS in Africa has been long ignored, say the authors of a new study in the medical journal Lancet.

While most transmission of the virus in Africa is heterosexual, 19 recent studies of African men who have sex with men show that they have “considerably higher” infection rates than other adult men in their respective countries, said the authors, who were from Oxford University and research institutions in Ghana and Kenya.

These men also have less access to prevention and care; most African countries have allocated no money to [homosexual] men, and homosexual sex is illegal in 31 African countries, in four of which men risk the death penalty.

African male sexual networks overlap with male-female ones, the authors found, since many of the men also report recent sex with women or are married. In three genetic studies the authors compared, [homosexual] white men in South Africa had a virus from a type common among [homosexual] European and American men, while [homosexual] black men in Kenya and Senegal had the type circulating in their country’s black populations.

[Homosexual] men face ridicule from their families and health care workers and harassment by the police, the study reported. And because African governments and media aimed very little safe-sex information at [homosexual] men, false rumors were common — including rumors that [homosexual] sex or anal sex were safer than heterosexual sex.

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