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[Note: David MacDonald is a singer/artist who recently revealed that prior to his conversion he had been heavily involved in the gay lifestyle. Read his testimony here: ]

I hate to quote statistics, but Canada’s largest homosexual paper XTRA recently reported that, “A group of six Canadian queers is taking on homophobia in Canada’s healthcare system by filing a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.”

Gens Hellquist, one of the complainants, is the executive director of the Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition. She explained at length her concerns about the health status of homosexual men and women in Canada, observing: “We have one of the poorest health statuses in this country … Health issues affecting queer Canadians includes lower life expectancy than the average Canadian, suicide, higher rates of substance abuse, depression, inadequate access to care and HIV/AIDS.”

“There are all kinds of health issues that are endemic to our community,” Hellquist continued. “We have higher rates of anal cancer in the gay male community, lesbians have higher rates of breast cancer … the reality is there is (sic) more GLBT people in this country who die of suicide each year than die from AIDS, there are more who die early deaths from substance abuse than die of HIV/AIDS. … Now that we can get married everyone assumes that we don’t have any issues any more. A lot of the deaths that occur in our community are hidden, we don’t see them. Those of us who are working on the front lines see them and I’m tired of watching my community die.”

This seemed amazing to me, given that Hellquist appears to be arguing against the foundation of the gay rights movement.

Now [homosexual] community leaders are admitting that [homosexual] sex is downright dangerous.

But rather than speak about abstinence, they say they require the government to shift public health priorities away from the average population to the [homosexual] community, even though the statistics they provide demonstrate disproportionately higher spending on the [homosexual] community currently.

Here are some of the stats that they cite in their human rights complaint:

· Life expectancy of gay/bisexual men in Canada is 20 years less than the average; that is 55 years.
· GLB people commit suicide at rates from 2 to 13.9 times more often than average.
· GLB people have smoking rates 1.3 to 3 times higher than average.
· GLB people have rates of alcoholism 1.4 to 7 times higher than average.
· GLB people have rates of illicit drug use 1.6 to 19 times higher than average.
· GLB people show rates of depression 1.8 to 3 times higher than average.
· Gay and bisexual men (MSM) comprise 76.1% of AIDS cases.
· Gay and bisexual men (MSM) comprise 54% of new HIV infections each year.
· If one uses Statistics Canada figure of 1.7% of GLB becoming infected, that is 26 times higher than average.
· GLB people are at a higher risk for anal cancers.

Some [homosexual] activists say that the high levels of promiscuity and related STI’s, partner abuse, addiction, and suicide in the [homosexual] community are because [homosexual] men have delayed adolescence as a result of “coming out” late (i.e., in their 30’s), and they are promiscuous because they were late blooming teenagers. They say, “Does your gay age match your chronological age?”

If that theory was true, then the statistics would show the promiscuity of adult [homosexual] men to be similar to straight teenagers. But adult [homosexual] men have promiscuity statistics far exceeding straight teenagers.

The other problem with this theory is that there is no indication that the “adolescent sex craze” period slows down after 5 years of coming out, as it does after adolescents finish their teen years.

In many cases the addiction to lust increases over time.

Articles in [homosexual] papers frequently ridicule gay men who don’t want exposure to HIV, and they encourage them to not curb sex.

The culture of pushing sex down people’s throats is not working.

There is nothing wrong with abstinence from sex.

This goes for everyone who is not married to someone of the opposite sex.

I’ve been single and chaste for many years after having left the [homosexual] community.

You don’t die from not having sex. It’s not like air or water.

Recent laws, policies and public funding aimed at reducing the rate of suicide, addiction, partner abuse, and STI’s by granting more sexual freedom have not diminished those statistics.

In fact, there has been an increase since the beginning of the ‘rights’ movement in the early 70’s, and it’s getting worse, not better.

In places like San Francisco and the Netherlands where [homosexual] sex has been normalized, many of these stats are worse, so I have difficulty with the theory that more freedom, money and legislation will reduce these stats. That is just not where the facts point.

The church talks about Natural Law and says that if something is true it will prove true in many ways. …biology doesn’t support [homosexual sex]; and health statistics demonstrate its problems.

Why not abstain? That’s what I’m doing.

[March 10, 2009,;  an excerpt of an article by David MacDonald published here: ]

David MacDonald’s testimony about his time in the gay community is here:

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