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Kids are getting smartphones at increasingly younger ages. Some say it is for safety or communication or connection… but are they really ready, cognitively and emotionally, for the adult responsibilities of having access to anything at any time?

Keeping a pure mind and having a healthy self-image can be hard to do when smartphones overload users with images of raunchy advertisements and filtered selfies.

There is also the time management aspect – how well do kids manage their time with unlimited access to technology?

There are many positive elements in having a smartphone as well. So how do we navigate these waters?

Dave Taylor has some excellent advice in his latest post on how to keep your teen safe while having a smartphone.

He suggests having time limits, curfews and occasional disclosure of text messages and friend lists. Then, slowly let them “earn their digital freedom.”

[November 23, 2015 by Abstinence Clearinghouse, ]