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1.Start at the Classroom Level to Get in the School

2. Start with one Grade and do this Very Well

Start with 8th Grade Classes — meet with Physical Education (PE) teachers to get approval
    these classes are normally gender-separated which makes this an acceptable venue
    two well-trained instructors will be needed, one for each gender

Give the PE teacher the booklet of the program — You are Unique — which teaches values and the uniqueness of each person

School curricula also require teaching about HIV/ STDs/ risks; this program teaches these things, and also the ways to make choices, avoidance skills, and how to build healthy relationships

In Alabama, 11% of people experience violence in dating relationships. This program will provide help in avoiding violence by knowing the 'red flags' to watch for before actually dating people.

3. Practice by teaching ADULT Sunday School classes in your area.
This will help the adults — the parents — learn what is in the program and it provides good practice for the instructors.
This is very beneficial to get the support of the parents and community leaders for the Risk Elimination program.

4. Qualify your Instructors
To show the dedication and motivation of your instructors, they need to pay the cost to have a criminal background check done — ABI/FBI costs $51.40
They register online as a "substitute" teacher, pay online, and then go to get finger printed for the Alabama Dept. of Education

5. Instructors Sign a Code of Conduct

6. Give Students PRE and POST tests (READ Questions to the students) and Report the Results of these tests to the School, and to your donors/benefactors

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