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Every year 14 million Americans are infected with the sexually-transmitted HPV virus.

What the public has been told about the benefits of the HPV vaccination seems to rest on a number of unproven assumptions and incomplete data.

For example, the general public has been told that this vaccine will reduce their chance of cervical cancer by 70%.

In reality, this vaccine has not yet demonstrated even once that it has prevented cervical cancer.

The other reality is that most HPV viruses do not lead to cancer and they clear up naturally within two years.

In more than 90% of reported HPV infection cases, there is no treatment necessary and no adverse health effect.

However, there are definite adverse health effects with the vaccination!

It is critical that you get involved in evaluating the potential risks and benefits of anything with which you decide to vaccinate yourself or your child.

At the end of 2013, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil had generated nearly 30,000 adverse reaction reports, including 140 deaths.

Two studies have linked the HPV vaccine with nervous and immune system disorders.

Some of the adverse effects are cognitive impairment, insomnia, fatigue, muscle pain, swelling, rashes and even POTS.

The general public should not have the vaccine as their “default” solution.

Choosing abstinence until marriage, having one sex partner during your life will prevent HPV and other STDs.

Abstinence achieves Risk Elimination.

[5 Nov 2014,]