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Each year, many American women are seriously injured at abortion centers.

Women have THE RIGHT TO KNOW the quality of care they can expect before receiving any medical treatment or procedure.

If you know someone who is considering an abortion, strongly urge them to get the answers to these questions:

1) Is the abortion center licensed by the State?

2) Is the person performing the abortions a licensed physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital, in case there is a problem?

3) What are the chances of complications from abortion and what type of complications have you had at this abortion center? 

[About 10% (1 of 10) of abortion patients experience immediate complications after legal abortion, and about 1 of 500 women experience life-threatening complications.]

4) In the event that there are complications, does the doctor or abortion center carry insurance to cover my medical expenses?

5) Are there malpractice suits pending against this doctor and/or abortion center?

6) If I develop immediate complications, how will you take care of me?

7) What are the alternatives to abortion?

You have the RIGHT TO KNOW…

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