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You got really involved on this date and before you knew it, you were having intercourse. You didn't really want to, but you just couldn't stop.

It happens all the time. But that doesn't mean it has to keep happening.

If you're driving down a road and you realize you're heading the wrong way, you don't keep driving, do you? Of course not! You stop the car, turn around, and head back to the correct road.

We all make mistakes; but as humans, we can learn from our mistakes and head our lives in better directions.

It's the same way with sex. If you got sexually involved once, or even if you've been sexually active for a while, you don't have to keep going in that direction. You can stop, turn around and go back. Back to a state of sexual abstinence.

True, you cannot become a physical  "virgin" again; but you can become a secondary virgin! You can make up your mind that you will not become sexually involved anymore, until you marry that very special person you want to raise your family and grow old with.

You are VERY SPECIAL! and even though you have given away a very precious gift, you can stop, take what you have left, go back, and rebuild your sexual self for that special person who will someday come into your life.

Why keep worrying about STDs, AIDS, pregnancy and all the rest? Give yourself a brake — stop having sex and start enjoying life!