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[from On Message, Life Dynamics]
Pro-abortion rhetoric: Women must not be denied the right to control their own reproductive lives.
RESPONSE: We have absolutely no interest in controlling women's reproductive lives. However, the biological reality is that when a woman is pregnant, reproduction has already occurred. If that were not true, there would be nothing for the abortionist to kill.
Pro-abortion rhetoric: If we outlaw abortion, we won't be able to walk down any street in America without having to step over the bloody corpses of women killed by illegal abortions.
RESPONSE: Abortion was at one time illegal, and these horror stories (of multitudes of women being killed by illegal abortions) which the abortion lobby says will be so common,  were actually quite rare, and very often non-existent. Once penicillin and then antibiotics arrived on the scene, maternal death from abortion dropped dramatically.
Pro-abortion rhetoric: All women want the right to have an abortion.
RESPONSE: Early feminists almost universally denounced abortion as something that devalues women and makes them easier for sexually irresponsible and sexually predatory males to exploit. Pioneers of the women's movement like Susan B. Anthony, Mattie Brinkerhoff, Sarah Norton, Emma Goldman, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton openly opposed legal abortion. Alice Paul, who helped write the original Equal Rights Amendment, and worked 50 years for its passage, called abortion "the ultimate exploitation of women".

Pro-abortion rhetoric: What gives you the right to tell a woman she can't terminate her pregnancy?
RESPONSE: We are not trying to tell women they cannot terminate their pregnancies. All pregnancies terminate. The only thing we are trying to insure is that they terminate with a live baby rather than a dead baby. In an abortion, it is the baby that gets terminated, not the pregnancy.
Pro-abortion rhetoric: What about a 15 year old girl who finds herself pregnant?
RESPONSE: No 15 year old girl ever "found" herself pregnant. They "get" pregnant, and it is not an insult to say that to a woman. One major abortion industry strategy has been to try to project women as victims of their pregnancies, and this sort of deceptive rhetoric is a crucial element in that effort. They think that it is much easier to justify abortions for women who are "victims" of their pregnancies, rather than participants in them.
Pro-abortion rhetoric: You have no right to tell a woman that she has to have a child.
RESPONSE: No one in the pro-life movement has ever suggested that women be required to have children. We don't go about dragging in non-pregnant women and insisting they get pregnant. However, when a woman IS pregnant, it is a biological fact that she already has a child. Our position is that she should not be allowed to kill that child.
Pro-abortion rhetoric: What gives you people the right to deny women access to healthcare?
RESPONSE: Abortion is not healthcare. Healthcare relates to the treatment of diseases, injuries, or illnesses. Since pregnancy is none of those, abortion cannot be healthcare.

[from On Message, Life Dynamics]