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Unexplained infertility in otherwise healthy women may sometimes be caused by fetal bone fragments left embedded in the uterus after an abortion, which cause chronic irritation and interfere with future pregnancies.

The fragments can work their way into the muscular uterine lining, making them invisible even with a hysteroscope.

Any fetus at least 12 weeks old can have bony tissues.

Doctors at the Univ of Ottawa describe an infertile 36-year-old woman who had an abortion 15 years earlier. Her uterus appeared normal by hysteroscope; but an ultrasound exam showed embedded bone fragments which they removed. Four months later, she became pregnant and later delivered a healthy boy.

In previous studies, virtually all women who had such fragments removed were able to get pregnant soon afterward. [Fertility and Sterility Journal, Apr03; Elliot Institute News Vol.2, No.5, 19May03; The Washington Post, 1May03; 5May03 Pro-Life E-News http://www.AfterAbortion.Info]]