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“MUST READ” REPORT ON POPULATION CONTROL — Document reveals the why of attacks against life & family over past decades:

The Inherent Racism Of Population Control link: 

This 58-page document is a MUST READ for all persons concerned about life, family and even freedom. For the vast majority, it provides the all-important “big picture”. Without this understanding, most will continue to fight against shadows, ignore real culprits and perhaps be too harsh towards opponents who do not realize they are being used.

How could all the negative social changes of recent decades have happened so fast? Why are they being allowed to happen? Why are our governments, courts, educational institutions, the media and even the United Nations so powerfully behind destructive policies against life, family, traditional religion and even certain freedoms?

In the late 1960’s and early 70’s abortion began to proliferate in western nations. It was accompanied by an explosion of divorce, contraceptive use, so-called 'sexual liberation' and a continuing decline of general morality, family life and respect for human life.

The result has been a massive drop in birthrates worldwide and the now looming economic and social consequences of a demographic crash.


Soon after abortion was legalized in North America those who became involved in the pro-life struggle did not yet realize who and what they were they were actually fighting.

They had no idea then, and sadly, most social conservatives still don’t, that abortion was only one part of much wider, international agendas supported by various organizations and individuals with some common interests and ambitions. 

Planned Parenthood has been the most influential of all and could in fact, as the document explains, be considered the world’s most influential organization.

The local abortion center, elimination of the handicapped, advancement of euthanasia, easy divorce, billions of condoms to Africa instead of medical and food supplies, and even forced acceptance of homosexuality have, for certain influential persons and organizations, all served two main goals:
1. To massively decrease the world’s population. (this is happening)
2. Through eugenics, to prune the human race of what are considered by some to be physically, mentally, socially and even economically ‘unfit’ persons. (this is also happening and accelerating)

The evidence has become so overwhelming and developments so far advanced, that an awakening is finally happening. Besides, this is not about a conspiracy.

Those who support depopulation and eugenics have openly spoken and written about their objectives, although they have relied on manipulation and deceit to advance those objectives.

To advance understanding of this, published in May of 2004 a well-researched document by Paul Jalsevac entitled, “The Inherent Racism of Population Control”. The racism referred to in the paper is about much more than skin color and exposes the wider ‘scientific racism’ of eugenicists.

This document takes the reader through the creation and application of the …flawed overpopulation theories of Thomas Malthus, through Darwin, eugenicist Francis Galton, racist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, the United Nations and the involvement of the giant Rockefeller, Ford and other foundations and billionaires such as Warren Buffet and Ted Turner: all participants in what has been labeled “The Population Firm”.

(Because of the length of the document it has been published in Acrobat format. This requires an Acrobat reader plug-in to be installed on your web browser. To allow quick navigation through the document, Acrobat bookmarks were created.)

Finally, it has long been’s belief, in view of information such as is revealed in this document, that many persons who participate in abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and even population control, are unwittingly being used and urged on by the population control/eugenics elites.

As well, many of those being used would easily be considered ‘unfit’ and eventually expendable by the published standards of the eugenicists.

Conversely, genuine pro-life, pro-family individuals and organizations consider ALL persons to have inherent dignity as humans and do not consider anyone, regardless of their views or specific traits or circumstances, to be ‘unfit’ or ‘inferior’.

[Toronto, updated 30Nov04. NOTE: Printed copies of the document @ $10 each are available: payable to ""  LPO Box 1008, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-1008]