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The Federation of Organizations in the Defense of Life expected at least 10,000 participants for the 2007 March for Life scheduled for Paris January 21, with pro-life groups from several European countries expected to attend again this year.

Pro-life delegations from Spain, Belgium, Germany and Italy have been invited to participate–organizers have emphasized the need to build greater unity among branches of the pro-life movement.

“Thousands of people participated in the great march for life in 2005 and 2006. This year, it’s going to be even more numerous!” organizers said in a press release yesterday.

“If you can come to Paris on that day, we will be delighted to meet you and introduce you to the crowd! We must unite and build a pro-life network here in Europe if we want to influence European decision making!”

As well, the organizers are asking pro-life supporters who are unable to attend to send written declarations of support.

March organizers spoke out on the ever-increasing death toll of abortion in the nation, saying, “here in France, 220,000 children are murdered each year through abortion. And more than 7 million people have been killed since the legalization of abortion in the country.”

Abortion in France “has consequences for demographic aging, the closing of maternity homes and schools and the problem of pensions for retirees,” the statement said, as well as leading to the breakdown of the family and the devaluing of the human person.

This will be the third year the March for Life has been held in Paris, following previous marches held in 2005 and 2006. Ten thousand participants, among them large numbers of young people, joined the march last year. Youth from Spain, Belgium and Germany were well represented at the demonstration.

The march, which will coincide with the annual U.S. March for Life held in Washington on Jan. 22, has particular significance this year as France heads towards a presidential election in April.

Life issues are expected to be a key playing point in candidates’ platforms, CNA reported yesterday.

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Proving the pro-life movement is alive and well despite abortion advocates obtaining control of Congress last November, hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates participated in the annual March for Life.

The mood was optimistic and positive despite 34 years of legalized abortion since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. The 2006 elections dashed the hopes of pro-life advocates of continuing the pro-life agenda they’ve been able to enact during large portions of President Bush’s tenure in office.

National Right to Life political director Karen Cross said the election results didn’t mean Americans were changing their attitudes opposing abortion.

She pointed to a post-election poll conducted by the Polling Company firm showing 24% of voters were opposed to abortion except when the mother’s life is in danger, or in cases of rape or incest.

Another 14% were opposed to abortion except to save the mother’s life and 14% were opposed to abortion in all circumstances.

“Fully 52% of the country is opposed to abortion except in very rare circumstances,” Cross explained.

“We come out here to remember lives that were lost and to let people know we all need to remember that,” Tom Gill of South Bend told WSBT News.

“The more people we can get to take notice of this issue, the more people will realize abortion is killing innocent human beings,” he added.

“We’re here letting people know we are for life,” added Florida teacher Veronica M. “We are against abortion, and for life at all its stages.”

“We know that the majority of the country is opposed to the vast majority of abortions,” Cross said.

Rigali: “More and more citizens are coming to question abortion and to recognize — as a starting point for deeper conversion — that there is something radically wrong with abortion and the support given it by our laws,” he added.

There are other reasons to rejoice despite 34 years of legalized abortion. The rate and number of abortions in the United States continue to decline, most notably among teens. [22Jan07, DC,]



About 20,000 pro-life people participated in the 3rd annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco, a location most people don’t think of as a place for a large pro-life event.

Last year, more than 15,000 families, friends and students attended the ‘walk’ to celebrate women and to celebrate life. This year, organizers and law enforcement said there was an even greater turnout.

“The Walk for Life West Coast is a growing movement that is attracting national attention, especially among young people,” said Dolores Meehan [co-founder of the event].

“Clearly, the pro-life movement is quite alive in California.”

“Walk for Life’s primary goal is to reach out to women and men of all political persuasions with the message that abortion hurts all women,” said Eva Muntean [Walk for Life co-founder].