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The iPad has come into the hands of many students across the country, and it has progressed as a helpful tool inside and outside of the classroom.

While we certainly are impressed by its many practical uses, there is a new application out that is sure to win over tech saavy pro-lifers!

Thanks to the hard work of Alexander Tsiaras, has recently released “Conception to Birth: The Visual Guide to Your Pregnancy.”

Through a series of 4D animations, this iBook displays the incredible details of each tiny feature of the human embryo. It depicts in stunning clarity the development of the child from conception to birth.

The reader will certainly be amazed as even the most miniscule and complex parts of the human body are brought to life.

Without a doubt, this vivid depiction of life is a great advance for the pro-life movement, and it has the potential to save lives.

Show this new book to friends, family, and strangers. Use it as part of your tabling display on campus.

Bring your iPad with you when you sidewalk counsel, and share these images with women and men who need to see “The magic that is existence- that is us.”

Pro-lifers have long recognized the power of images to change the hearts and minds of those people promoting or considering abortions.

As we continue to live in a country where abortion remains legal in all fifty states, now is the time to step up our game.

Watch the video of Alexander Tsiaris as he presents this new product —

Purchase and download the book —

[October, 2012, Beth O’Malley,]