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Life Dynamics says ailing abortion industry is relying on ‘universal health care’ to jack up profits

“Like I always say, if you want to understand the abortion business, just follow the money trail.”

According to Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics, the abortion industry in America, particularly abortion giant Planned Parenthood (PP), is experiencing both a financial and a service demand crisis.

In an entry entitled “On the Trail to…” on his Life Dynamics blog, Crutcher asserts that abortion providers are looking to the likes of [certain liberal candidates] to bolster the floundering abortion industry.

Life Dynamics is a pro-life website that offers many resources to assist the pro-life movement throughout America.

They are most notably known for their part in exposing those involved in the illegal sale of body parts taken from aborted babies.

The motto of the site as stated on their website is: “Pro-life: Without compromise. Without exception. Without apology.”

Crutcher begins his article drawing attention to the new abortion facilities that PP has deceptively constructed while using false names to apply for the necessary building permits.

The most notable example is the PP abortion mega-center that was recently constructed in Aurora, Illinois under the company name of Gemini, Inc.

Crutcher claims that the motives behind such secrecy are much more crucial and worthy of note than the actual secrecy itself.

To explain, Crutcher’s article reveals that, despite the few newly opened facilities, the number of abortion facilities has steadily declined since the 1980’s due to their inability to retain staff.

While the abortion industry frequently blames their staff retention issues on fear of violence directed at abortion staff from pro-life forces, Crutcher dispels this as a mere myth by quoting statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health that show that “during the period of the greatest violence against abortionists in history, more farmers and twice as many hairdressers were murdered on the job than abortion clinic workers and abortionists combined.”

Instead, Crutcher partially blames the abortion industry’s collapse on the public stigma that is “naturally associated with the killing of an unborn child.”

“The abortion lobby had always counted on legalization to erase the stigma of abortion, but that never happened. What they refused to accept was that abortion is like pornography and prostitution in that the stigma is related to the act itself and not to its legal status. That means the stigma is never going to go away. Today, the abortion industry finally seems resigned to this and has decided that the stench of abortion is something they will just have to live with.”

Crutcher continues to give an in-depth analysis of the grim financial situation that abortion providers find themselves facing today.

Due to statistics that show that when the cost of abortion is raised, the number of abortions plummet, most abortion facilities still charge between $300 – $500 to perform an abortion – almost the exact price that an abortion cost when it was first legalized in the 1970’s.

“They need higher abortion prices to solve their financial problems, but the lowered abortion rate produced by these higher prices would threaten their political survivability‚Ķ ‚ĶThe problem they now face is that the cost of doing business has risen dramatically during that time. So while a $350 abortion may have been profitable in 1973 dollars, it may not be profitable in today’s dollars.”

Crutcher warns that PP’s key motivation in constructing new facilities despite these figures is the universal health care plans proposed by the leading Democratic contenders in the current presidential campaign.

Crutcher posits that, in the advent of universal health care coverage of abortion, abortion prices will skyrocket with the assurance that tax-payer funded coverage will foot the bill.

“That is also why the nation’s death merchants see Hillary Care as their salvation. They are relying on socialized medicine to solve their current financial problems by converting every $350 private-pay abortion into a $3000 government-pay abortion. The icing on the cake is that, since the customers will be offered these abortions for ‘free’, the abortion rate is guaranteed to skyrocket.”

The universal health plans proposed thus far in the campaign corroborate Crutcher’s assertions.

Senator Obama and Elizabeth Edwards, speaking for her husband at a campaign event, pledged to include “reproductive services” in their universal health care plans.

Both campaigns confirmed that these services would include abortion.

Senator Clinton’s proposed plan does not explicitly refer to abortion coverage but instead alludes to ‘family planning’ coverage for all women, a phrase frequently used by political pundits to cloak the stigma of abortion.

Clinton is well known as a self-proclaimed champion of the Prevention First Act which provided ‘reproductive health’ services to low income women and mandated prescription contraceptive coverage by insurance companies.

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